Recommended Suppliers



This section provides up-to-date information on current suppliers available to the amateur in spectroscopy. Hopefully you will find it useful.

If you know of other material which should be added to these listings - let us know by posting details on the Group

Component Suppliers

Jeulin Diffraction gratings and OVIO slit plates

Optometrics All types and sizes of diffraction gratings

Edmund Optics All types of optics including mirrors and gratings

Thor Labs All types of optics including mirrors and gratings

Lenox Laser Some interesting slit options

Knight Optical UK supplier of quality optics (no gratings)

Comar Optics Quality optics and custom design service

Surplus Shed The ultimate amateurs Shed! (The Indian gratings are rubbish!)

Instrument Suppliers

Paton Hawksley Manufacturer and supplier of transmission gratings including the Star Analyser. (UK)

Rainbow Optics Supplies the 200 l/mm grating - only available within the US. (US)

Rigel Systems A 600 l/mm transmission arrangement. Not too popular. (US)

Shelyak A dominant and growing supplier of spectrographs - ALPY, LISA, LHiresIII and eShel (France)

Baader The Baches and DADOS 200, 900 and 1200 l/mm spectrograph -used by Richard Walker for his Spectral Atlas. (Germany)